Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 2 - Re-think to Conquer!

Today is about "Re-thinking"

Thinking fast and acting slow,Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I tell you it works.  Woke up today and instead of running around in superspeed mode for work, I did the complete opposite. My mind moved 20 steps faster than my feet. Prepared everything I needed to get done in my mind so, when I stopped to prepare myself for the world today it was at a pace where my heart wasn't beating 200's beats per second and, I wasn't shouting "moron get out of my way". Today, I decided to be ahead of myself. To make decisions based on interpretations of requirements and not needs" Knowing what it takes to get it right verse, what is needed to get it right.

Upside, I remembered yesterday's goal of using a straw to drink beverages with and, before heading out the door this morning I grabbed a handful of plastic straws. The type that don't biodegrade in a 10year cycle but more like 30yrs. Basically, if I burried the plastic straws in my back yard they would still be there in 30years. Now, if I purchased today reusable and recycled straws, known to man as biodegradable straws, it would take lest than 1 year for the straw to breakdown and can be easily recycled as the alternative.

Feel free to give it a shot. Re-think before acting. When acting, act slower. See the results and share them with others.

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