Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 31 - This is it!

Today is my last day of my 31 days of change-fest! Looking back on day one and reflecting on all things that I wanted to change, forced myself to change, didn't change and want to change has come down to this last post.

For sure I know that blogging is not my forte. It added more thoughts to my brain bank than I wanted to deal with. If you're one of the those people reading this expecting a novel I am sorry that I did not give it to you but, I am a much better conversationalist than typist.

What I've learned from this experience and what I know is that no matter how many things I changed I will always be me. Maybe a littler nicer, funnier, boring at times or even grumpier but still me. I firmly believe that everyone can make a change as long as they are willing to change and not sit around waiting for change to happen. Psss (change doesn't happen on it's own). I didn't doubt that I was going to learn from this experience but even the smallest change can have a domino effect on something big.

Changing how I think (black&white) was the most important part of my journey and most complicated (that's why I left it to the end). For sometime now I've been experiencing a strong silence inside and by me blogging my thoughts it's allowed me to grow and speak more of a "matter of factly".  However, I did touch on some goals like organizing (which as a Virgo aka perfectionist thing to do) and is something I love to do, helping others which I feel comes naturally to me because I am woman but what really got me through this was a lyric from one of my favorite song's, "El silencio no es remedio" (silence is not the remedy) but silence is golden at times. If you know me well then you understand what that means. 

To know when the time is right to say something, do something, move something or change something is golden. This blog has given me the opportunity to see myself from the outside in, allowed me to come up with a few good gestures of things I had to change, things I must continue to practice and has overall given me something to work with.  

With that said, this is it! Change is in me and I will continue to grow with it. Not sure where it's leading me but I feel positive it will be one heck of an experience. There's a lesson to be learned in everything we do and what we say we are going to do from small to big; that's what makes living so exciting.

To my family - I love you
To my friends - I love you
To my quiet followers - I love you

* Life is too short to not love or be loved!

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  1. Love it :) I hope you won't stop blogging:)

    Here's to a New Year... Toast girlie I wish you the best as always :)