Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 23 - To change or not to change

So on my 23rd. attempt of trying to pin point exactly what it is that I need to change about me, I've come to the conclusion if I actually adopted to all of them that I probably changed for best or the worse. I guess what I am trying to say here is "Am I really better off changing"?

Re analyzing all the good and bad habits I've either had to create, adopt to, make amends with, say good bye to or just flat out except, am I really doing myself any good and to answer that, I think I am!

I feel I have bigger day when I am giving out my daily greetings, enjoying my favorite cup of coffee using my poka-dot straw, speaking to friends & family during my ride into work and home etc. Prioritizing my time, accepting the fact that I haven't been so graceful and so forth.
The one downside that I've experienced is paying compliments to people. For the most part I think people do not believe me when I honestly give them a compliment. I've said things like, you inspire me, you're committed to your work, I enjoyed our conversation and it was great talking to you, etc. but people in general I think have a hard time taking a compliment, are you one of those people and am I one of those people (hell know)... feel free to pay me a compliment anytime..

In the meantime, I think I prefer to change. So today, my daily "do good" change is to not waste anything , meaning things like paper, food, water, my time, my thoughts, my money, my lip gloss that has a few juicy lips left in the bottle, my magazine, my caffeine, my exercise/workout regime and so forth you just name it.
Did you know that according to data, if everyone in the US adopted one additional healthy lifestyle habit, the number of expected diseases would be reduced by a million in the next five years! True fact!

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  1. Awesome I love it :) I find myself doing a little change here and there when I read your post.

    Love ya girlie :)