Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 8 - Giving a compliment to all I interact with.

Hah, this should be fun. This is something I normally don't do on the daily basis, should be fun especially when most of the people I work with are men. Gosh, I really cannot compliment on men's purses or shoes now..

I can already see how this is going to be a challenge. As for my previous commitments I am still going strong...

Donated a coach bag today with baby clothes to a co-worker, gave a poka-dot-straw to one of my co-workers, already given three compliments out to some guys I work with like, nice vest, nice jacket and what a lovely tie... still saying my good mornings, bought xmas cards in so I can  use some blue ink and put my thoughts together for the holiday notes I will be sending out, Danced zumba last night with some bollywood moves, spent time entertaining chunk but slacked on reading a book to Hayden (need to get working on that), made several calls over the past two days to some old time friends..still have many to get through, Ricky, Nicky and Tina it was great speaking with yah, Ole! Still drinking with a straw and lastly, still thinking fast and speaking slow. Today I will be attending my first Rotary Club meeting. It's a private club of an elite group of Silicon Valley big wigs, excited because I've been wanting to go to one of these for some time. See what so darn special about these folks..maybe they can make a donation to my cause... and where I haven't been so successful is finding a women's shelter to host a monthly zumba class.. poor ladies,  I know music can probably ease there soul during such a difficult time in there lives... I bet they can use a pick me up dance class.

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