Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 21 - Apologizing

I need to apologize to many. For I haven't been keeping up with many of my "to do" changing activities.

At a recent holiday party I was called out by a co-worker on how I embarrassed them on a matter that they thought should've been  handled a bit more gracefully. So, to her I sincerely apologize. She is a sweetie and I had no intention on embarrasing her in front of anyone.

The lesson learned is something that blogged about earlier this month which was acting a bit more gracefully. Shame on me for not practicing what I am preaching.

On another note, I do owe a few apologies for not getting my phonecalls out, getting more christmas cards out, teaching Zumba at the women's shelter..but Santa knows I've been busy. To the point that I even missed a holiday party a good friends house a few weeks ago. It totally slipped my mind and I feel terrible about missing it, so to her I owe and apology, a phonecall and a card.

Today I will reflect on apologies that I need to own up to! So don't be surprised if you here from me.

All the best,



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