Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 6 - Good Morning, Good Day, Good Afternoon and Good Night!

Good morning friends and family!

It's Monday, and yes after a long and a somewhat exhausting weekend I am minding my manners and celebrating change by saying "Good morning, Good day, Good Afternoon and Good Night " to all I come in communications with. Try it and see how well people receive it. This morning I called to reschedule my sons Dr's appt and the woman on the phone totally changed her attitude when I started by Good morning Gloria, I am calling to reschedule some appt's and when I told her "well I hope you have a good day" and thanks for all your help! It was a pleasure chatting with you! Taddahh... she was so nice..she even wished me a Happy Holidays.. Hysterical huh... Pay it forward, Mind your Manners and see all the goodness that comes out of being super sweet and nice today... I hope I can continue this for the rest of the week..

The "Skinny" of the day update:
  • Still using straws to drink 98% of my beverages ( can't do it with warm water - weird, I know)
  • Constantly thinking fast but saying or speaking it slowly
  • Added two bollywood steps to my choreography "Caiparinha" dance
  • Had fun with my boys this weekend..spending lots of time kissing them and making them laugh
  • Donated some goodies and will donate an extra stapler on my desk back to the copy room.. and what ever else I find I don't need.
  • Still saying my Good mornings as my fellow groggy co-workers stroll in...
  • Investigating on soup kitchens or food pantry to donate my time to. Also looking into hosting a free zumba class for a battered women's shelter.. if you know of anything please forward the info.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Tina this is very inspiring :) I try to do the same when I'm talking on the phone making appointments and stuff...It like they can see the smile on your face and maybe helps them through a bad day.

    I might look into offering a free facial class to battered women as well thanks to the idea.

    Keep up the great work.... :)