Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 31 - This is it!

Today is my last day of my 31 days of change-fest! Looking back on day one and reflecting on all things that I wanted to change, forced myself to change, didn't change and want to change has come down to this last post.

For sure I know that blogging is not my forte. It added more thoughts to my brain bank than I wanted to deal with. If you're one of the those people reading this expecting a novel I am sorry that I did not give it to you but, I am a much better conversationalist than typist.

What I've learned from this experience and what I know is that no matter how many things I changed I will always be me. Maybe a littler nicer, funnier, boring at times or even grumpier but still me. I firmly believe that everyone can make a change as long as they are willing to change and not sit around waiting for change to happen. Psss (change doesn't happen on it's own). I didn't doubt that I was going to learn from this experience but even the smallest change can have a domino effect on something big.

Changing how I think (black&white) was the most important part of my journey and most complicated (that's why I left it to the end). For sometime now I've been experiencing a strong silence inside and by me blogging my thoughts it's allowed me to grow and speak more of a "matter of factly".  However, I did touch on some goals like organizing (which as a Virgo aka perfectionist thing to do) and is something I love to do, helping others which I feel comes naturally to me because I am woman but what really got me through this was a lyric from one of my favorite song's, "El silencio no es remedio" (silence is not the remedy) but silence is golden at times. If you know me well then you understand what that means. 

To know when the time is right to say something, do something, move something or change something is golden. This blog has given me the opportunity to see myself from the outside in, allowed me to come up with a few good gestures of things I had to change, things I must continue to practice and has overall given me something to work with.  

With that said, this is it! Change is in me and I will continue to grow with it. Not sure where it's leading me but I feel positive it will be one heck of an experience. There's a lesson to be learned in everything we do and what we say we are going to do from small to big; that's what makes living so exciting.

To my family - I love you
To my friends - I love you
To my quiet followers - I love you

* Life is too short to not love or be loved!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 30 - Keeping up

Good morning or Good Day,

How keeping up has helped me shape up!

31 Days of things going on, some wrong, some right, new things to conquer, change, challenge, to figure out, listen to, writing to others (on face book or in pen) it's still writing, appreciating, prioritizing.. you just name it. I need to keep it all up. The more I go back and read the 29 days of change the more I want to do 99% of it all. In some cases, I think it's possible to do all of them on the daily if I had 20 hrs. of time to give up of course.

My life is simple but complicated and I feel by noting these challenges/or/changes down I am keeping up. I have also realized how I can take some of the complicated stuff out. I will recap everything for you in a new few days but for now, I will keep up doing all the good I can.

Have another fantastic day!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 29 - Thinking in Black & White

Okay, so today's topic of discussion is to figure out if I am one of those people who thinks in black & white or am I just reading myself wrong.

Today and almost everyday this month I've been extremely optimistic about work, family and friends but lately (like within the past week) I am not sure about all of the above.

Work has been good to me all year but can I say at this point that it's great (I am not so sure) and have they allowed me to reach my potential. Secondly could things be better or get better in my household if I was a stay at home mom (maybe)? What about my friends, are we truly there to here each other out, just want to here all the good and nothing of the bad or share advice when we are all seeking some? 

Not to get philosophical but do you see were I am coming from. It's like Eminem says "When it's going good it's going great and when it's bad, it's real bad"..  or is that just "black & white" thinking.

Isn't black & white thinking a belief it's either one way or the other, if so I wonder if that's how I think most of the time. Need to self check myself moving forward..

Therefore today's hands on task is to understand why it is I think so black & white and how I can change how I perceive things going on inside and around me.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 28 - Sharing

Oh my!
Should I share my nuts or not! Someone left a jar full of mixed nuts on my desk. Wonder if I should leave them out for staff. I think I will. Aren't nuts loaded with cholesterol anyways... I here it's better to eat nuts in consumption of 12 daily (a total of 12 nuts a day).  They say not only does the cholesterol get you but the calories as well. SO, beware of nuts (all types)..I'm just saying.

Sharing is so much more than nuts right. Sharing my blogs is a way of sharing I guess. Stripping down every thought, action or experience and posting my activities. Figuring what it is I should share today about what I need to change or have completed through out the course of my blogging lifecycle to date. By the way, I can still come up with another 31 days of things to change .. I just know if I can just dig a little deeper and let my true thoughts open up God knows what I can come up with.

In the meantime, I dropped my nuts off and will continue to share with you until I achieve my 31 days of change all the good and bad that comes out of me!

Day 27 - Taking

Ahhh the Christmas aftermath.
Today, I woke up taking my time to clean up the mess from Christmas..didn't feel like moving fast or running around for any type of madness... took my time to make a pot of coffee, clean the dishes, wash several loads of laundry..obviously didn't take my time to feed the kiddo's although the husband helped with the 3yr. old on that..etc.

Looking from outside in, is that all it takes to have a more of a relaxing day. Dang, I need to take my time more often. Just wished I didn't have so much to do's in such little amount of time.

My creative thoughts are limited this week.. I've been taking my time to think therefore I cannot write any better than what you are reading. Don't laugh but even the light sometimes needs to get dimmed once in awhile. It too, needs a rest!

Day 26 - Giving

It's Christmas!

Giving is so much more greater than receiving. You may disagree with me on this one but, seeing my boys eyes light up when they opened up toys was a feeling of true joy. My 3 yr.old kept saying "Just what I wanted" or "Just what I needed".

So to honor Christmas and Jesus being born, I made a very large breakfast for my family and some friends. We all shared a story or two of past holidays, weirdest Xmas gifts received , the reactions we've all made on opening gifts, who got what this year, who knows how to shop for things etc..while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, stale coffee cake, blueberry pancakes, eggs over easy, ham, bacon and white rice with them really started the day on a good note.

After breakfast wrapped up we started watching Christmas movies (which is one of my favorite things to do) for a few hours until it was time for a mid afternoon nap.

Before we realized it,  it was time to head over to another friends house later in the afternoon to enjoy a few glasses of  wine and dinner. Time just flew by. Didn't get a chance to watch the Lakers/Bulls Game or Miami Heat.... nada.

Giving my time to others on Christmas day made it even more special! However, giving up my time everyday to make breakfast somewhat impossible. But, I will attempt to give more of my time to my family daily as I think that is achievable!

Besides, I still have Tivo to record my games.. 

Day 25 - Reconciling

Christmas Eve! I know my days are confusing but I started blogging on Nov. 30th.

Yes, so it's about time I start reconciling my thoughts, my feelings and my emotions about the holidays. For the most part Christmas brings out the best in people, others the worst and for me I was in between. Wasn't sure how to celebrate it. Being away from my family on one of the biggest holidays of the year, missing those that I've lost over the years and not seeing some of my besties somewhat brought me down a bit. On the upside spending time with my little ones, seeing good friends and doing holiday activities like Christmas in the Park filled most of that void.

I guess having to suck up what I can't change (like the distance between) makes me realize that maybe I don't have to reconcile and just except what is. It's time to dump all the negative thoughts and move on with all the positive ones.

Which leads me to giving...