Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 4 - Time to make amends, starting with time.

Woke up thinking "what is that something that I can change and can it have domino affect". I started by thinking of how I will make amends with those I haven't spoken to in years like family and friends or how I've spent my time lately with my kids. So, my first task today and moving forward I hope is to make amends. Goal numero uno is to spend more time reading to my little one Hayden and less time taking pictures of him. As for chubb chubb spend more time tickeling him and trying to get him to crack up. For my family and friends so far away, make a phone call and reach out to them and for my locals, well lets just say I have a long list of calls to make but, the calling will begin soon. I promise I will get through at least 10 calls today.

So far I spoke with my brother bryan in DR who I haven't spoken with in at least 2 years. Thank you Skype

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