Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 17 - Super Busy

How the heck can I keep my sanity when I am super busy.

Let's see, my day starts with about 90 mph of thoughts flashing through it and I sorting the priorities in life out in order to act on them. Then once I get going there is usually no stopping me. Mind you, this all occurs when I haven't even had coffee. Maybe it's a sign of anxiety trying to tell me something, who knows but I am starting to believe I need to slow down.

If you don't know me, let me begin I am a busy body. I work 40+ hours for a construction company, teach Zumba or make time to practice, have two young kids, two female cocker spaniels, a husband and self to maintain during the week. With that said, everyone and everything has some kind of need and a priority in my life.

But if I don't stop,slow down and just take a breath I may not see what's in front of me, wither it be a kids toy, someone walking to work, two barking dogs begging for some TLC or taking time for myself I may just miss out on the stuff that truly matters. Therefore, as much as I like to be super busy and regardless of the holiday season I am going to slow it down a notch.

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