Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 13 - Prioritize


What does it mean to prioritize and how can I do more of it. For starters, I don't feel at all that I prioritize my time to the fullest. Today I woke up tired as heck, drove  to work with the same attitude I do every Monday morning and realized the only time I truly get to prioritize my day to day do's and dont's is when I am driving. How safe is that.

Moving onward, I will make it my business to set some time everyday to prioritize, starting with the things that are most important to the least important. For example, if writing a card to the former President, Jimmy Carter is a must do or, is it something I will get to when the time is right. I mean someone on his staff thought I was important enough to get a card from his office so, maybe I should make it a priority to write him back and let him know about my blog, the dog's, kids, my life and my 401K.

Well, I guess I can do more if I just set some time aside daily to prioritize everything I need to do to successfully achieve what needs to be done.

BTW (By the way)
  • Still drinking with straws 89% (had some slip ups) but staying strong
  • Getting my TB Shot today and contacting Margarita for the local women's shelter zumba class
  • Enjoyed spending time with my two favorite boys Hayden & Patrick
  • Donated toys to my companies "Toys for Tots" program.
  • Sent some emails out to friends that I haven't spoken to in years.
  • Did Zumba two times over the weekend with my sole student (mother-in-law) and rocked out with some bollywood moves.
  • Said my Goodmornings and Goodnights.
  • Spit out a few compliments
  • Prayed before going to sleep (not on my knees people - just lying in bed with my eyes closed)
Stay tuned and thanks for taking time to read my blogs..


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