Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 28 - Sharing

Oh my!
Should I share my nuts or not! Someone left a jar full of mixed nuts on my desk. Wonder if I should leave them out for staff. I think I will. Aren't nuts loaded with cholesterol anyways... I here it's better to eat nuts in consumption of 12 daily (a total of 12 nuts a day).  They say not only does the cholesterol get you but the calories as well. SO, beware of nuts (all types)..I'm just saying.

Sharing is so much more than nuts right. Sharing my blogs is a way of sharing I guess. Stripping down every thought, action or experience and posting my activities. Figuring what it is I should share today about what I need to change or have completed through out the course of my blogging lifecycle to date. By the way, I can still come up with another 31 days of things to change .. I just know if I can just dig a little deeper and let my true thoughts open up God knows what I can come up with.

In the meantime, I dropped my nuts off and will continue to share with you until I achieve my 31 days of change all the good and bad that comes out of me!

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