Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 27 - Taking

Ahhh the Christmas aftermath.
Today, I woke up taking my time to clean up the mess from Christmas..didn't feel like moving fast or running around for any type of madness... took my time to make a pot of coffee, clean the dishes, wash several loads of laundry..obviously didn't take my time to feed the kiddo's although the husband helped with the 3yr. old on that..etc.

Looking from outside in, is that all it takes to have a more of a relaxing day. Dang, I need to take my time more often. Just wished I didn't have so much to do's in such little amount of time.

My creative thoughts are limited this week.. I've been taking my time to think therefore I cannot write any better than what you are reading. Don't laugh but even the light sometimes needs to get dimmed once in awhile. It too, needs a rest!

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