Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 16 - It's about getting Organized

This may bore you today but really, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

It doesn't matter how neat you are at home, work or how well your closet is in tip top shape. Organizing your mind isn't as simple as organizing your shoes or things in your garage. Besides, when you put shoes or shuffle things in order  you end up throwing things away but do you ever throw your ideas away? You ever have the thoughts running threw your mind at night and forget about them in the morning.

Now, keeping a stash of your "to do's" written down is probably the best bet of not letting things get tossed out of the brain tank.  For say, look at your grocery list doesn't that help you organize what is needed in your pantry. List become very handy..

So, whether you want to track material things that need to get organized, personal matters or actions of the heart (like how you feel or what emotional state you are in) my advice to myself is to write them down as often as possible. prioritize to ogranize.

Today I plan to stick to staying organized. I am writing down my thoughts of what they are, how I plan to get them done and actions or measures I need to do to acheive them.

Sense or not, it will definitely get me going to do something right.

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