Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 20 - Feeling Good

Today I am feeling good.

Not sure what it is but it's taken over me. I just want to call the 200+ friends on facebook and say I love you guys. I just love love love  the way I am feeling today.

Dang, it must be a delayed reaction from passing the "Board of Certified Safety Professionals" Safety Trained Supervisor In Construction Exam.. That's a mouthful.. or, it's Monday and it's unusal for me to be so excited. Either way, I want to thank everyone for the support throughout this ordeal and keeping up with my blogs and my boring persepctives on changing habits or the way I think in my life.

It's not easy to tap into your feelings and start unmasking all the imperfections my day to day character is all about. Now, I know that I haven't posted  what I truly want to post sometimes but that is because I still have some discoveries I need to make internal peace with it and I just haven't gotten there, yet!

Today my goal is to stay happy. Please knowone ruin it with bad news. don't call or text and say someoene died or tell me about the stock markets tanking.

Don't ruin it for me with some bad news.. I just want to see how long it will take before feeling this way ends.

1 comment:

  1. Again girlie Congrats!!!! I'm so excited for you and I knew you could do it :)

    Also just to let you know your blogs are nothing boring!!! It's actually helping me with some change too :)