Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 15 - Watch my words!

Good morning and sorry for getting the post out late. I freaking left my laptop home today on my dining room table and had to wait a while for a replacement.
So, now that I am back in the game of posting today I will make the effort to watch my words. Some of the young guns at my office feel that I could probably use a bar of soap in my mouth every so often. But can I help it? I mean it comes with experience right. I work in construction company for 40+ hours a week dealing with deadlines, people lying or being untruthful, people swearing all around me and sub contractors who can get verbally abusive.  Can I assume every profession has it's kinks.

However,  the next time my phone rings maybe I should start the conversation out with "Hi this is Tina and yes, I am from Brooklyn, New York and if you don't want me to ream you a new A-hole, please do not speak to me in a demeaning kind of way" and my line to follow can be "and how can I help you on this fine day".

Is it better to be yourself opposed to being someone else or can I actually just watch my words without having to be somebody else and just be a nicer me. It's worth giving it a shot I guess.

Now,  as I continue to progress and be more humble and acknowledge that I am not perfect, I have switched out curse words with other words when I am around my kids like " You Moron, Turkey, What the Feaken Frack" etc. but even those words can use a makeover for the most obvious reasons..

And, to be honest I sometimes have no control for what comes out of my mouth but I guess today would be a good day to start.  You know what they say about words, they can become your actions. In the meantime along with being a bit more graceful and humble, I will promise to attempt to speak a lot nicer during the day, around the kiddos, in the office and in general to all and watch my words.
Have another wonderful day!


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