Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 12 - Acting on feelings instead of acting on what you think is right

Exactly how you see it

I rather do what I feel is right rather than what I think is right. Think of such phrases "mind over matter" or "your heart can only feel what your mind tells it". So, you mean tell me what I am feeling right now is solely  based on what I am thinking right now. Humph, it maybe so but today, today I am solely acting on what I feel is right.

My day started off with doing household chores and afterwards before the world awoke the family and I went to the mall for some shopping madness. During our drive, I've realized something that my kids have been missing out on and that was spending time with their best buddies (The Gonzalez Clan). Since Lola arrived last week I took them out of daycare. With that in mind, I realized how important the Gonzalez family is to me and my boys. So, I sent a text inviting them over for dinner. It wasn't something that I thought was right but something that I felt was right. Acting on feelings again, I knew with out having a conversation with my boys exactly how the clan completes them and how special there company is to have around. Not to say Lola doesn't give all of us that same feeling, but it's different in the mind of child spending time with other children they get along with. When they arrived at 4PM today, Hayden and Patrick were stupid excited, but so was I. 

I am thankful for my friendships, people understanding me and giving me the opportunity to make things up. I guess you can say if you put your heart into the matter, great things can come out of it as long as one remembers to act on feelings and not how one thinks they should act.

To some it up, what I am attempting to change is to be more genuine with others and taking it up a notch to make it personal by solely acting on feelings.

I apologize if today's topic bores you..but I feel after writing this down it will totally remind me to act on feelings tomorrow and the days after.

As you know thoughts can escape you but your actions can't.

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