Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 5 - Donate, donate and donate

I should have started this last week when I donated blood. Only 1% of Americans with my blood type actually donate it, RH-. Its the type that any person can use. However, RH Negative person cannot receive any other type of blood, except there own type RH-. Interesting fact huh. Well, today I decided to sort through clothes, bookshelves, kitchen pantry and even christmas stuff to start donating back into the american society. I am thinking about all those women who lost their jobs, who can't afford new suits for interviews or shoes, people who lost  their belongings in a fire or foreclosure and can use slighlty used tupperware, glasses or a toaster. Or how about those who can use some slightly used christmas ornaments and holiday decorations.

Without realizing it, I started this habit yesterday and still found stuff today to donate. So my goal for today is to find something everyday that will be useful for someone or soemthing else (pet).

Today - It' a leather jacket, rain coat, liz clairborne suit, a pair of sketchers and some used  baby clothes.

I am thinking I see a soup kitchen or a food pantry to donate sometime to this week. I hope my schedule will allow it and besides it keeps you humble.

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