Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 22 - Beating the Odds

Some factual trivia!

I was born on 9/17/75 (all odd numbers) and I am the 7th child on my Dad's side and the 5th Child on my maternal mother's side. I was raised by my Dad's 3rd wife (my Dominican step-mother). My son Hayden was born on 9/27 and Patrick on 3/03. Coincidence or not, you decide.

Thinking about it, my current zip code is  95119 and the company I work for is my 7th employer. Do you think I should contact the devilish wizard "Walter Mercado" and ask him to decipher what beating  the odds is all about. By the way, WM is a gay psychic on telemundo, I think.

But in all honestly, beating the odds means a lot more to me than just numbers. If you've known me for more than half of my lifetime then you probably can agree that I've beaten many odds. I won't get into the details but is stems from when I was a young child growing up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Raised by my father (a blue collar) worker and for most of my childhood my (right off the boat Dominican step-mother). Don't laugh. It's true.

In any case, today is about beating the odds not in numbers but in life. Whatever it takes to beat what life throws at me. I will do my best to keep it moving.

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  1. Wow how crazy is that....I don't know you half your life but I know you enough to know you are a wonderful person and have accomplished so much in your life :)

    I can truly say those odd numbers were lucky numbers for you :)

    Oh and you had me laughing about Walter Mercado.