Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 29 - Thinking in Black & White

Okay, so today's topic of discussion is to figure out if I am one of those people who thinks in black & white or am I just reading myself wrong.

Today and almost everyday this month I've been extremely optimistic about work, family and friends but lately (like within the past week) I am not sure about all of the above.

Work has been good to me all year but can I say at this point that it's great (I am not so sure) and have they allowed me to reach my potential. Secondly could things be better or get better in my household if I was a stay at home mom (maybe)? What about my friends, are we truly there to here each other out, just want to here all the good and nothing of the bad or share advice when we are all seeking some? 

Not to get philosophical but do you see were I am coming from. It's like Eminem says "When it's going good it's going great and when it's bad, it's real bad"..  or is that just "black & white" thinking.

Isn't black & white thinking a belief it's either one way or the other, if so I wonder if that's how I think most of the time. Need to self check myself moving forward..

Therefore today's hands on task is to understand why it is I think so black & white and how I can change how I perceive things going on inside and around me.

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