Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 31 - This is it!

Today is my last day of my 31 days of change-fest! Looking back on day one and reflecting on all things that I wanted to change, forced myself to change, didn't change and want to change has come down to this last post.

For sure I know that blogging is not my forte. It added more thoughts to my brain bank than I wanted to deal with. If you're one of the those people reading this expecting a novel I am sorry that I did not give it to you but, I am a much better conversationalist than typist.

What I've learned from this experience and what I know is that no matter how many things I changed I will always be me. Maybe a littler nicer, funnier, boring at times or even grumpier but still me. I firmly believe that everyone can make a change as long as they are willing to change and not sit around waiting for change to happen. Psss (change doesn't happen on it's own). I didn't doubt that I was going to learn from this experience but even the smallest change can have a domino effect on something big.

Changing how I think (black&white) was the most important part of my journey and most complicated (that's why I left it to the end). For sometime now I've been experiencing a strong silence inside and by me blogging my thoughts it's allowed me to grow and speak more of a "matter of factly".  However, I did touch on some goals like organizing (which as a Virgo aka perfectionist thing to do) and is something I love to do, helping others which I feel comes naturally to me because I am woman but what really got me through this was a lyric from one of my favorite song's, "El silencio no es remedio" (silence is not the remedy) but silence is golden at times. If you know me well then you understand what that means. 

To know when the time is right to say something, do something, move something or change something is golden. This blog has given me the opportunity to see myself from the outside in, allowed me to come up with a few good gestures of things I had to change, things I must continue to practice and has overall given me something to work with.  

With that said, this is it! Change is in me and I will continue to grow with it. Not sure where it's leading me but I feel positive it will be one heck of an experience. There's a lesson to be learned in everything we do and what we say we are going to do from small to big; that's what makes living so exciting.

To my family - I love you
To my friends - I love you
To my quiet followers - I love you

* Life is too short to not love or be loved!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 30 - Keeping up

Good morning or Good Day,

How keeping up has helped me shape up!

31 Days of things going on, some wrong, some right, new things to conquer, change, challenge, to figure out, listen to, writing to others (on face book or in pen) it's still writing, appreciating, prioritizing.. you just name it. I need to keep it all up. The more I go back and read the 29 days of change the more I want to do 99% of it all. In some cases, I think it's possible to do all of them on the daily if I had 20 hrs. of time to give up of course.

My life is simple but complicated and I feel by noting these challenges/or/changes down I am keeping up. I have also realized how I can take some of the complicated stuff out. I will recap everything for you in a new few days but for now, I will keep up doing all the good I can.

Have another fantastic day!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 29 - Thinking in Black & White

Okay, so today's topic of discussion is to figure out if I am one of those people who thinks in black & white or am I just reading myself wrong.

Today and almost everyday this month I've been extremely optimistic about work, family and friends but lately (like within the past week) I am not sure about all of the above.

Work has been good to me all year but can I say at this point that it's great (I am not so sure) and have they allowed me to reach my potential. Secondly could things be better or get better in my household if I was a stay at home mom (maybe)? What about my friends, are we truly there to here each other out, just want to here all the good and nothing of the bad or share advice when we are all seeking some? 

Not to get philosophical but do you see were I am coming from. It's like Eminem says "When it's going good it's going great and when it's bad, it's real bad"..  or is that just "black & white" thinking.

Isn't black & white thinking a belief it's either one way or the other, if so I wonder if that's how I think most of the time. Need to self check myself moving forward..

Therefore today's hands on task is to understand why it is I think so black & white and how I can change how I perceive things going on inside and around me.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 28 - Sharing

Oh my!
Should I share my nuts or not! Someone left a jar full of mixed nuts on my desk. Wonder if I should leave them out for staff. I think I will. Aren't nuts loaded with cholesterol anyways... I here it's better to eat nuts in consumption of 12 daily (a total of 12 nuts a day).  They say not only does the cholesterol get you but the calories as well. SO, beware of nuts (all types)..I'm just saying.

Sharing is so much more than nuts right. Sharing my blogs is a way of sharing I guess. Stripping down every thought, action or experience and posting my activities. Figuring what it is I should share today about what I need to change or have completed through out the course of my blogging lifecycle to date. By the way, I can still come up with another 31 days of things to change .. I just know if I can just dig a little deeper and let my true thoughts open up God knows what I can come up with.

In the meantime, I dropped my nuts off and will continue to share with you until I achieve my 31 days of change all the good and bad that comes out of me!

Day 27 - Taking

Ahhh the Christmas aftermath.
Today, I woke up taking my time to clean up the mess from Christmas..didn't feel like moving fast or running around for any type of madness... took my time to make a pot of coffee, clean the dishes, wash several loads of laundry..obviously didn't take my time to feed the kiddo's although the husband helped with the 3yr. old on that..etc.

Looking from outside in, is that all it takes to have a more of a relaxing day. Dang, I need to take my time more often. Just wished I didn't have so much to do's in such little amount of time.

My creative thoughts are limited this week.. I've been taking my time to think therefore I cannot write any better than what you are reading. Don't laugh but even the light sometimes needs to get dimmed once in awhile. It too, needs a rest!

Day 26 - Giving

It's Christmas!

Giving is so much more greater than receiving. You may disagree with me on this one but, seeing my boys eyes light up when they opened up toys was a feeling of true joy. My 3 yr.old kept saying "Just what I wanted" or "Just what I needed".

So to honor Christmas and Jesus being born, I made a very large breakfast for my family and some friends. We all shared a story or two of past holidays, weirdest Xmas gifts received , the reactions we've all made on opening gifts, who got what this year, who knows how to shop for things etc..while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, stale coffee cake, blueberry pancakes, eggs over easy, ham, bacon and white rice with them really started the day on a good note.

After breakfast wrapped up we started watching Christmas movies (which is one of my favorite things to do) for a few hours until it was time for a mid afternoon nap.

Before we realized it,  it was time to head over to another friends house later in the afternoon to enjoy a few glasses of  wine and dinner. Time just flew by. Didn't get a chance to watch the Lakers/Bulls Game or Miami Heat.... nada.

Giving my time to others on Christmas day made it even more special! However, giving up my time everyday to make breakfast somewhat impossible. But, I will attempt to give more of my time to my family daily as I think that is achievable!

Besides, I still have Tivo to record my games.. 

Day 25 - Reconciling

Christmas Eve! I know my days are confusing but I started blogging on Nov. 30th.

Yes, so it's about time I start reconciling my thoughts, my feelings and my emotions about the holidays. For the most part Christmas brings out the best in people, others the worst and for me I was in between. Wasn't sure how to celebrate it. Being away from my family on one of the biggest holidays of the year, missing those that I've lost over the years and not seeing some of my besties somewhat brought me down a bit. On the upside spending time with my little ones, seeing good friends and doing holiday activities like Christmas in the Park filled most of that void.

I guess having to suck up what I can't change (like the distance between) makes me realize that maybe I don't have to reconcile and just except what is. It's time to dump all the negative thoughts and move on with all the positive ones.

Which leads me to giving...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 24 - Reading the labels

How often do you stop and read the labels on everything. From the clothes on your back, the items you purchase for your home, the food in your pantry, for your pets to perfume.

Today, not sure what the new habit is going to teach me but I am going to read the labels, from the Kona Coffee that is provided by Starbucks, to the skinny bagel and light butter spread that accompanies my poached egg and spinach sandwich or the materials I use at work to get things done.

Not sure if reading labels is a good or bad thing and how much of it I can do or take. I may find somethings aren't worth my time and others are so, today's challenge is read more.

Have another great day!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 23 - To change or not to change

So on my 23rd. attempt of trying to pin point exactly what it is that I need to change about me, I've come to the conclusion if I actually adopted to all of them that I probably changed for best or the worse. I guess what I am trying to say here is "Am I really better off changing"?

Re analyzing all the good and bad habits I've either had to create, adopt to, make amends with, say good bye to or just flat out except, am I really doing myself any good and to answer that, I think I am!

I feel I have bigger day when I am giving out my daily greetings, enjoying my favorite cup of coffee using my poka-dot straw, speaking to friends & family during my ride into work and home etc. Prioritizing my time, accepting the fact that I haven't been so graceful and so forth.
The one downside that I've experienced is paying compliments to people. For the most part I think people do not believe me when I honestly give them a compliment. I've said things like, you inspire me, you're committed to your work, I enjoyed our conversation and it was great talking to you, etc. but people in general I think have a hard time taking a compliment, are you one of those people and am I one of those people (hell know)... feel free to pay me a compliment anytime..

In the meantime, I think I prefer to change. So today, my daily "do good" change is to not waste anything , meaning things like paper, food, water, my time, my thoughts, my money, my lip gloss that has a few juicy lips left in the bottle, my magazine, my caffeine, my exercise/workout regime and so forth you just name it.
Did you know that according to data, if everyone in the US adopted one additional healthy lifestyle habit, the number of expected diseases would be reduced by a million in the next five years! True fact!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 22 - Beating the Odds

Some factual trivia!

I was born on 9/17/75 (all odd numbers) and I am the 7th child on my Dad's side and the 5th Child on my maternal mother's side. I was raised by my Dad's 3rd wife (my Dominican step-mother). My son Hayden was born on 9/27 and Patrick on 3/03. Coincidence or not, you decide.

Thinking about it, my current zip code is  95119 and the company I work for is my 7th employer. Do you think I should contact the devilish wizard "Walter Mercado" and ask him to decipher what beating  the odds is all about. By the way, WM is a gay psychic on telemundo, I think.

But in all honestly, beating the odds means a lot more to me than just numbers. If you've known me for more than half of my lifetime then you probably can agree that I've beaten many odds. I won't get into the details but is stems from when I was a young child growing up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Raised by my father (a blue collar) worker and for most of my childhood my (right off the boat Dominican step-mother). Don't laugh. It's true.

In any case, today is about beating the odds not in numbers but in life. Whatever it takes to beat what life throws at me. I will do my best to keep it moving.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 21 - Apologizing

I need to apologize to many. For I haven't been keeping up with many of my "to do" changing activities.

At a recent holiday party I was called out by a co-worker on how I embarrassed them on a matter that they thought should've been  handled a bit more gracefully. So, to her I sincerely apologize. She is a sweetie and I had no intention on embarrasing her in front of anyone.

The lesson learned is something that blogged about earlier this month which was acting a bit more gracefully. Shame on me for not practicing what I am preaching.

On another note, I do owe a few apologies for not getting my phonecalls out, getting more christmas cards out, teaching Zumba at the women's shelter..but Santa knows I've been busy. To the point that I even missed a holiday party a good friends house a few weeks ago. It totally slipped my mind and I feel terrible about missing it, so to her I owe and apology, a phonecall and a card.

Today I will reflect on apologies that I need to own up to! So don't be surprised if you here from me.

All the best,



Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 20 - Feeling Good

Today I am feeling good.

Not sure what it is but it's taken over me. I just want to call the 200+ friends on facebook and say I love you guys. I just love love love  the way I am feeling today.

Dang, it must be a delayed reaction from passing the "Board of Certified Safety Professionals" Safety Trained Supervisor In Construction Exam.. That's a mouthful.. or, it's Monday and it's unusal for me to be so excited. Either way, I want to thank everyone for the support throughout this ordeal and keeping up with my blogs and my boring persepctives on changing habits or the way I think in my life.

It's not easy to tap into your feelings and start unmasking all the imperfections my day to day character is all about. Now, I know that I haven't posted  what I truly want to post sometimes but that is because I still have some discoveries I need to make internal peace with it and I just haven't gotten there, yet!

Today my goal is to stay happy. Please knowone ruin it with bad news. don't call or text and say someoene died or tell me about the stock markets tanking.

Don't ruin it for me with some bad news.. I just want to see how long it will take before feeling this way ends.

Day 19 - Missing something

I feel like I am missing something.

You ever wake up feel like there is something missing in your life. I did on Sunday. I think it started with the idea that I would be missing my mother-in-law once she get's back on the plane to head back east for the holidays. I truly enjoyed her company.

Or, maybe it is the idea of missing my family for christmas this year. I just love being around the gang of coo-coo's. No matter how imperfect my family is, just hearing my mother's loud voice, the clicking and clacking of change on the dining room table while everyone argues over who is cheating during the poker game or how everytime they play there is always a new rule out. Hah. I am going to miss my brother's deep voice and laughter, my sister's awesome cooking and my nieces and nephew. My list can continue on an on..

Luckily I will have my little west coast family to keep my mind off my feelings and I can say that I am not the only person missing something or someone this year. On another note, I am curious to know if there is someting deeper that I am missing.

Missing truly is a human condition and a very normal one at that. I guess excepting what it is I cannot control is a stronger emotion to deal with than to actually have to do something to change it. 

Day 18 - Procrastination

I need to get over the fact of that there are things I really don't want to do but need to do.

On Saturday, I truly did not want to go to my company's Christmas party. I've been avoiding the idea for sometime now. For some reason or another, I was just not feeling this year's party and I am not sure exactly why I feel this way. During the day, me and my mother-in-law (visiting from NJ) went shopping for about 8 hours without breaking for lunch. You heard it right, 8 hours on our feet, two malls and only bought about 1.5% of gifts. Can I say that shopping really tanked this year. Stores had absolutely nothing. Wondering if it's best to just shop online.

In the meantime, I didn't mind the long day of shopping I figured it would tire me out enough that I would cancel on going to the party later in the night. However, my guest who loves to party was like "you have to go" and so, I took my time preparing with little desire or effort and scrambled out the house to be fashionably late to the opera house party. The function which was beautifully set to the theme of  "Phantom of the Opera" turned out great. The music, the casino playing, my co-workers and drinks were all so fun.

I should be surprised of my behavior for not wanting to go to this thing but maybe there is something lingering inside me that I haven't made my mind over that I was procrastinating on. I will continue to soul search and figure out exactly what that feeling is but for now, I need to get going on things and stop the stalling.

Day 17 - Super Busy

How the heck can I keep my sanity when I am super busy.

Let's see, my day starts with about 90 mph of thoughts flashing through it and I sorting the priorities in life out in order to act on them. Then once I get going there is usually no stopping me. Mind you, this all occurs when I haven't even had coffee. Maybe it's a sign of anxiety trying to tell me something, who knows but I am starting to believe I need to slow down.

If you don't know me, let me begin I am a busy body. I work 40+ hours for a construction company, teach Zumba or make time to practice, have two young kids, two female cocker spaniels, a husband and self to maintain during the week. With that said, everyone and everything has some kind of need and a priority in my life.

But if I don't stop,slow down and just take a breath I may not see what's in front of me, wither it be a kids toy, someone walking to work, two barking dogs begging for some TLC or taking time for myself I may just miss out on the stuff that truly matters. Therefore, as much as I like to be super busy and regardless of the holiday season I am going to slow it down a notch.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 16 - It's about getting Organized

This may bore you today but really, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

It doesn't matter how neat you are at home, work or how well your closet is in tip top shape. Organizing your mind isn't as simple as organizing your shoes or things in your garage. Besides, when you put shoes or shuffle things in order  you end up throwing things away but do you ever throw your ideas away? You ever have the thoughts running threw your mind at night and forget about them in the morning.

Now, keeping a stash of your "to do's" written down is probably the best bet of not letting things get tossed out of the brain tank.  For say, look at your grocery list doesn't that help you organize what is needed in your pantry. List become very handy..

So, whether you want to track material things that need to get organized, personal matters or actions of the heart (like how you feel or what emotional state you are in) my advice to myself is to write them down as often as possible. prioritize to ogranize.

Today I plan to stick to staying organized. I am writing down my thoughts of what they are, how I plan to get them done and actions or measures I need to do to acheive them.

Sense or not, it will definitely get me going to do something right.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 15 - Watch my words!

Good morning and sorry for getting the post out late. I freaking left my laptop home today on my dining room table and had to wait a while for a replacement.
So, now that I am back in the game of posting today I will make the effort to watch my words. Some of the young guns at my office feel that I could probably use a bar of soap in my mouth every so often. But can I help it? I mean it comes with experience right. I work in construction company for 40+ hours a week dealing with deadlines, people lying or being untruthful, people swearing all around me and sub contractors who can get verbally abusive.  Can I assume every profession has it's kinks.

However,  the next time my phone rings maybe I should start the conversation out with "Hi this is Tina and yes, I am from Brooklyn, New York and if you don't want me to ream you a new A-hole, please do not speak to me in a demeaning kind of way" and my line to follow can be "and how can I help you on this fine day".

Is it better to be yourself opposed to being someone else or can I actually just watch my words without having to be somebody else and just be a nicer me. It's worth giving it a shot I guess.

Now,  as I continue to progress and be more humble and acknowledge that I am not perfect, I have switched out curse words with other words when I am around my kids like " You Moron, Turkey, What the Feaken Frack" etc. but even those words can use a makeover for the most obvious reasons..

And, to be honest I sometimes have no control for what comes out of my mouth but I guess today would be a good day to start.  You know what they say about words, they can become your actions. In the meantime along with being a bit more graceful and humble, I will promise to attempt to speak a lot nicer during the day, around the kiddos, in the office and in general to all and watch my words.
Have another wonderful day!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 14 - Learning to be more humble - Humility

The Catholic church states, Humility is viewed as a potential part of temperance because temperance includes all those virtues that restrain or express the inordinate movements of our desires or appetites.

Well okay then, since I am Catholic (80%) of the time and a Sinner (20%) of the time, do I truly restrain or express the inordinate movements of my desires or appetites.Good question? If anyone spent a day inside my head, you probably can figure out that answer on your own.

On another note,  wikipedia states: Humility (adjectival form: humble) is the quality of being modest, and respectful. Something that I can honestly say I do not do every day but will try from this point on. For the most part if I did act on being humble every day (all day) would that get me closer to God and just exactly how close do I really want to get to God...

Now, I will attempt to practice being more respectful, humble and modest but before doing so, I took a look at the term modest this is what I found "having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one's merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions"

So, I don't know about you but can you imagine a day of not feeling vain, or having an ego.. Just kidding... I credit myself everyday in the mirror but I most definitely don't walk around boasting and expecting people to treat me of some royal importance.
I guess the moral of the topic today is for me to be more humble, treat everyone with respect (which I believe I do to the people who deserve it) and be more modest starting with my self and working it on others.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 13 - Prioritize


What does it mean to prioritize and how can I do more of it. For starters, I don't feel at all that I prioritize my time to the fullest. Today I woke up tired as heck, drove  to work with the same attitude I do every Monday morning and realized the only time I truly get to prioritize my day to day do's and dont's is when I am driving. How safe is that.

Moving onward, I will make it my business to set some time everyday to prioritize, starting with the things that are most important to the least important. For example, if writing a card to the former President, Jimmy Carter is a must do or, is it something I will get to when the time is right. I mean someone on his staff thought I was important enough to get a card from his office so, maybe I should make it a priority to write him back and let him know about my blog, the dog's, kids, my life and my 401K.

Well, I guess I can do more if I just set some time aside daily to prioritize everything I need to do to successfully achieve what needs to be done.

BTW (By the way)
  • Still drinking with straws 89% (had some slip ups) but staying strong
  • Getting my TB Shot today and contacting Margarita for the local women's shelter zumba class
  • Enjoyed spending time with my two favorite boys Hayden & Patrick
  • Donated toys to my companies "Toys for Tots" program.
  • Sent some emails out to friends that I haven't spoken to in years.
  • Did Zumba two times over the weekend with my sole student (mother-in-law) and rocked out with some bollywood moves.
  • Said my Goodmornings and Goodnights.
  • Spit out a few compliments
  • Prayed before going to sleep (not on my knees people - just lying in bed with my eyes closed)
Stay tuned and thanks for taking time to read my blogs..


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 12 - Acting on feelings instead of acting on what you think is right

Exactly how you see it

I rather do what I feel is right rather than what I think is right. Think of such phrases "mind over matter" or "your heart can only feel what your mind tells it". So, you mean tell me what I am feeling right now is solely  based on what I am thinking right now. Humph, it maybe so but today, today I am solely acting on what I feel is right.

My day started off with doing household chores and afterwards before the world awoke the family and I went to the mall for some shopping madness. During our drive, I've realized something that my kids have been missing out on and that was spending time with their best buddies (The Gonzalez Clan). Since Lola arrived last week I took them out of daycare. With that in mind, I realized how important the Gonzalez family is to me and my boys. So, I sent a text inviting them over for dinner. It wasn't something that I thought was right but something that I felt was right. Acting on feelings again, I knew with out having a conversation with my boys exactly how the clan completes them and how special there company is to have around. Not to say Lola doesn't give all of us that same feeling, but it's different in the mind of child spending time with other children they get along with. When they arrived at 4PM today, Hayden and Patrick were stupid excited, but so was I. 

I am thankful for my friendships, people understanding me and giving me the opportunity to make things up. I guess you can say if you put your heart into the matter, great things can come out of it as long as one remembers to act on feelings and not how one thinks they should act.

To some it up, what I am attempting to change is to be more genuine with others and taking it up a notch to make it personal by solely acting on feelings.

I apologize if today's topic bores you..but I feel after writing this down it will totally remind me to act on feelings tomorrow and the days after.

As you know thoughts can escape you but your actions can't.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 11 - Graceful

Good morning or Good Day,

Depending on when you read this, I just want to start being a little bit more graceful, weither it's the way I talk to you, or how I approach one I truly need to practice being graceful. Maybe I can start by taking baby steps, by watching the way I walk through my house, or saying a simple hello to a neighbor walking down the street or thru the corridors of my offfice, either way it shouldn't hurt to try.

To my family and most intimate friends, I will try to be a little bit more graceful towards you. Weither I cancel an appt to see you , cut our conversation short, speak to you in away that is harsh,  I will try to be more graceful. I will treat our friendship with a lot more heart, respect, being a bit more sincere and compassionate towards our dealings, I promise I will be more graceful.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 10 - Holding

When was the last time you held your tongue, your kids hand or loved ones, held your breath, held a conversation with a family member or a friend. Today I will be holding many things starting with my  my tongue, not because I have to but because I want to. As many of you know I can be fierce with words especially during a challenging discussion. Therefore, today I will hold my tongue during rush hour, a training session coming up shortly and when ever something calls upon me today , I will practice holding my tongue.  In addition, I plan on holding my boys hands, holding several conversations with family & friends and even acquaintances.

Holding meaningful thoughts dear to my heart, continue to hold onto those special 26+ years of friendships with a select group of pals of mind (even when I want to pull their hair out)

Just hold everyone, try it. Ponder and think what's worth holding onto, day to day, year to year, ear to ear, heart to heart, whatever it is you think is important enough. Give it a shot.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 9 - Practice saying my prayers

Prayer is good for you!

Last night while putting my little ones down to sleep, we asked our 3yr. old Hayden to say his prayers to Papa Dios. As he was about to start praying and for the 3rd time now, he said to my husband and I "wait, give me your hands" and as he continued on to recite his prayers to everyone in the entire family including the house pets and "wuncle unior" I begin to think, why am I not praying for the good that is my life. If my 3yr. old is praying everynight why not I. But, buy this point I started to think even more into the "Give me your hands" bit of it. As my son is being thankful for god, he wants me and his dad to be just as thankful, but are we truly thankful. Do we practice even being thankful to each other or all the people on my sons list. Do we even practice being grateful for what we have and not what we don't. Jeez, my 3yr. old is even thankful for woody and buzz lightyear.

With this said, I am thankful and I will practice praying and being thankful, thankful for all the people I've touched, the one's who don't want to be touched and all the unfortunate souls who have yet to cross my path. Yep, because once you meet someone for the first time what truly sticks is the smile that you leave behind!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 8 - Giving a compliment to all I interact with.

Hah, this should be fun. This is something I normally don't do on the daily basis, should be fun especially when most of the people I work with are men. Gosh, I really cannot compliment on men's purses or shoes now..

I can already see how this is going to be a challenge. As for my previous commitments I am still going strong...

Donated a coach bag today with baby clothes to a co-worker, gave a poka-dot-straw to one of my co-workers, already given three compliments out to some guys I work with like, nice vest, nice jacket and what a lovely tie... still saying my good mornings, bought xmas cards in so I can  use some blue ink and put my thoughts together for the holiday notes I will be sending out, Danced zumba last night with some bollywood moves, spent time entertaining chunk but slacked on reading a book to Hayden (need to get working on that), made several calls over the past two days to some old time friends..still have many to get through, Ricky, Nicky and Tina it was great speaking with yah, Ole! Still drinking with a straw and lastly, still thinking fast and speaking slow. Today I will be attending my first Rotary Club meeting. It's a private club of an elite group of Silicon Valley big wigs, excited because I've been wanting to go to one of these for some time. See what so darn special about these folks..maybe they can make a donation to my cause... and where I haven't been so successful is finding a women's shelter to host a monthly zumba class.. poor ladies,  I know music can probably ease there soul during such a difficult time in there lives... I bet they can use a pick me up dance class.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 7 - Ink

Hello and Good day,

Ink, yes from pen to paper. When was the last time you wrote a letter to anyone. Whether it be a card, a love note, a poem, a sympathy or just a thank you letter. Well, today I will be using a pen more than the keys I am writing with now. Not sure about you but my penmanship has tanked since the electronic keyboard came about. I use to have really nice hand writing and lately I can barely understand my own signature. Therefore, starting today I will be hand writing all my Christmas cards with special notes in them to practice my penmanship and staying in touch with everyone.

Now, I know it's not green to waste paper so I will be purchasing cards that have been printed on 10% post-consumer and 90% pre-consumer. Basically, anything that can be re-used and recycled again. However, I can't guarantee the quality but I promise to get something nice out this year. Keep in mind by mailing Christmas cards we are keeping our postal workers employed so, don't forget to buy your stamps and mail out your gifts in time for the holidays.

Have another fantastic day!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 6 - Good Morning, Good Day, Good Afternoon and Good Night!

Good morning friends and family!

It's Monday, and yes after a long and a somewhat exhausting weekend I am minding my manners and celebrating change by saying "Good morning, Good day, Good Afternoon and Good Night " to all I come in communications with. Try it and see how well people receive it. This morning I called to reschedule my sons Dr's appt and the woman on the phone totally changed her attitude when I started by Good morning Gloria, I am calling to reschedule some appt's and when I told her "well I hope you have a good day" and thanks for all your help! It was a pleasure chatting with you! Taddahh... she was so nice..she even wished me a Happy Holidays.. Hysterical huh... Pay it forward, Mind your Manners and see all the goodness that comes out of being super sweet and nice today... I hope I can continue this for the rest of the week..

The "Skinny" of the day update:
  • Still using straws to drink 98% of my beverages ( can't do it with warm water - weird, I know)
  • Constantly thinking fast but saying or speaking it slowly
  • Added two bollywood steps to my choreography "Caiparinha" dance
  • Had fun with my boys this weekend..spending lots of time kissing them and making them laugh
  • Donated some goodies and will donate an extra stapler on my desk back to the copy room.. and what ever else I find I don't need.
  • Still saying my Good mornings as my fellow groggy co-workers stroll in...
  • Investigating on soup kitchens or food pantry to donate my time to. Also looking into hosting a free zumba class for a battered women's shelter.. if you know of anything please forward the info.
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 5 - Donate, donate and donate

I should have started this last week when I donated blood. Only 1% of Americans with my blood type actually donate it, RH-. Its the type that any person can use. However, RH Negative person cannot receive any other type of blood, except there own type RH-. Interesting fact huh. Well, today I decided to sort through clothes, bookshelves, kitchen pantry and even christmas stuff to start donating back into the american society. I am thinking about all those women who lost their jobs, who can't afford new suits for interviews or shoes, people who lost  their belongings in a fire or foreclosure and can use slighlty used tupperware, glasses or a toaster. Or how about those who can use some slightly used christmas ornaments and holiday decorations.

Without realizing it, I started this habit yesterday and still found stuff today to donate. So my goal for today is to find something everyday that will be useful for someone or soemthing else (pet).

Today - It' a leather jacket, rain coat, liz clairborne suit, a pair of sketchers and some used  baby clothes.

I am thinking I see a soup kitchen or a food pantry to donate sometime to this week. I hope my schedule will allow it and besides it keeps you humble.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 4 - Time to make amends, starting with time.

Woke up thinking "what is that something that I can change and can it have domino affect". I started by thinking of how I will make amends with those I haven't spoken to in years like family and friends or how I've spent my time lately with my kids. So, my first task today and moving forward I hope is to make amends. Goal numero uno is to spend more time reading to my little one Hayden and less time taking pictures of him. As for chubb chubb spend more time tickeling him and trying to get him to crack up. For my family and friends so far away, make a phone call and reach out to them and for my locals, well lets just say I have a long list of calls to make but, the calling will begin soon. I promise I will get through at least 10 calls today.

So far I spoke with my brother bryan in DR who I haven't spoken with in at least 2 years. Thank you Skype

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 3 - I am going to get freaky with it and learn how to dance Bollywood!

Since it's a Friday, the first friday to be exact in December I am going to try something new and learn to dance "Bollywood". Dancing like an egyptian has not always been my "forte" and for my entire life cycle of dancing, it has always been latin or hip-hop. But today, why not go out of my comfort zone and understand and figure out what so hip about Bollywood.  After a drink or two I will give it a shot. Wish me luck my fellow ballerina's....

As for my progress to date, I still continue re-think things before processing and drinking with biodegradeble straws (downside I've learned they don't do so well in extremely hot beverages) so my coffee needs to cool down first before dipping it in.

For the two followers I have to date, if you want to give me a challenge I am always up for it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 2 - Re-think to Conquer!

Today is about "Re-thinking"

Thinking fast and acting slow,Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I tell you it works.  Woke up today and instead of running around in superspeed mode for work, I did the complete opposite. My mind moved 20 steps faster than my feet. Prepared everything I needed to get done in my mind so, when I stopped to prepare myself for the world today it was at a pace where my heart wasn't beating 200's beats per second and, I wasn't shouting "moron get out of my way". Today, I decided to be ahead of myself. To make decisions based on interpretations of requirements and not needs" Knowing what it takes to get it right verse, what is needed to get it right.

Upside, I remembered yesterday's goal of using a straw to drink beverages with and, before heading out the door this morning I grabbed a handful of plastic straws. The type that don't biodegrade in a 10year cycle but more like 30yrs. Basically, if I burried the plastic straws in my back yard they would still be there in 30years. Now, if I purchased today reusable and recycled straws, known to man as biodegradable straws, it would take lest than 1 year for the straw to breakdown and can be easily recycled as the alternative.

Feel free to give it a shot. Re-think before acting. When acting, act slower. See the results and share them with others.