Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 9 - Practice saying my prayers

Prayer is good for you!

Last night while putting my little ones down to sleep, we asked our 3yr. old Hayden to say his prayers to Papa Dios. As he was about to start praying and for the 3rd time now, he said to my husband and I "wait, give me your hands" and as he continued on to recite his prayers to everyone in the entire family including the house pets and "wuncle unior" I begin to think, why am I not praying for the good that is my life. If my 3yr. old is praying everynight why not I. But, buy this point I started to think even more into the "Give me your hands" bit of it. As my son is being thankful for god, he wants me and his dad to be just as thankful, but are we truly thankful. Do we practice even being thankful to each other or all the people on my sons list. Do we even practice being grateful for what we have and not what we don't. Jeez, my 3yr. old is even thankful for woody and buzz lightyear.

With this said, I am thankful and I will practice praying and being thankful, thankful for all the people I've touched, the one's who don't want to be touched and all the unfortunate souls who have yet to cross my path. Yep, because once you meet someone for the first time what truly sticks is the smile that you leave behind!

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  1. Amen....We can learn a thing or two from our innocent children. Que Dios lo bendiga :)

    I try my best to say my thanks in the morning and evening but I can't lie I sometimes forget. I need to make that my first priority :)

    Thanks Hayden

    Love ya Tina and I'm grateful to have you as my friend. God bless you all :)