Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 25 - Reconciling

Christmas Eve! I know my days are confusing but I started blogging on Nov. 30th.

Yes, so it's about time I start reconciling my thoughts, my feelings and my emotions about the holidays. For the most part Christmas brings out the best in people, others the worst and for me I was in between. Wasn't sure how to celebrate it. Being away from my family on one of the biggest holidays of the year, missing those that I've lost over the years and not seeing some of my besties somewhat brought me down a bit. On the upside spending time with my little ones, seeing good friends and doing holiday activities like Christmas in the Park filled most of that void.

I guess having to suck up what I can't change (like the distance between) makes me realize that maybe I don't have to reconcile and just except what is. It's time to dump all the negative thoughts and move on with all the positive ones.

Which leads me to giving...

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  1. I know that feeling...the only difference is that I do have a few family members here in TPA. I still find the distance hard and I guess the festivities is not the same here in TPA.

    No street decorations, no Holiday spirit out in the open....I miss that so much about up north that sometimes I get those mixed feeling as well.

    After 7 years I've learned to not dwell on those negative feelings and work with what I have.